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Eindhoven has become a successful city. That’s the reason why so many ingenieurs, programmeurs, entrepreneurs, families and young professionals are moving to our beautiful city, and the Dutch Course Eindhoven is helping them to learn Dutch and adapting to a new culture.

It is true that many people in Eindhoven speak and writes English, but it is also true that if you intend to spend a long period in the city the best thing to do is signing up for Dutch classes.

Do you want to apply for a permanent Dutch resident permit or to apply for Dutch citizenship? You will need an A2 Dutch level to pass the Civic Integration Exam and later request a permanent residence, wouldn’t it be better if you started your Dutch lessons right now and achieve that permit faster?

If you agree, then congratulations! You are one step closer to succeeding in Eindhoven with the Dutch Course Eindhoven.

The Importance of Learning Dutch

The Netherlands is a huge touristic attraction for European and non-European visitors, almost everybody can speak English, but the longer you spend in the country, the more you will need to learn Dutch.

Not only to integrate yourself into the culture, get to know on first hand their rules, history, and news, but also to communicate properly with the authorities and to have more chances of being hired by a professional company.

If you are a student or an employee that will soon move to the country or if you are already there, the best thing you can do for your personal and professional life is to enroll into the Dutch Course Eindhoven and start your Dutch courses right now.

Here are some of the reasons you need to learn Dutch:

  • Start building your professional Dutch network
  • To speak Dutch with your colleagues
  • To communicate properly with residents and authorities
  • To pass your Civic Integration Exam and get your permanent residence permit or your own Dutch passport
  • To develop even better at your work or finding bigger job opportunities

Learning Dutch not only makes you feel integrated and helps you to make friends, it also makes your stay in The Netherlands smoother. As we said before, you can arrive in the country without speaking Dutch, but believe us when we tell you that once you learn it, the integration gets easier, while your future as a professional or a student comes brighter.

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Why Choosing the Dutch Classes at the Dutch Course Eindhoven?

We have been teaching Dutch to all kinds of students for many years; independently of the country you come from, the only requirement to get into our Dutch courses is having a basic level of English, since it’s the language our first levels of Dutch will be taught at.

The Dutch Course Eindhoven is chosen by hundreds of new students every year because we have excellent Dutch teachers, we also have our own teaching method, designed to help you learn the language fast, but also adapted to your working area.

We also help you with the Civic Integration Exam, since you need an A2 or higher level, we focus our classes in grammar and talking skills that prepare you for that important moment.

These are some of the reasons why so many students recommend our Dutch courses:

  • We have a dynamic teaching method, you will speak Dutch in every lesson
  • We receive students from all over the world, this diversity makes our Dutch classes more interesting and useful
  • We offer free Wi-Fi
  • Our teachers are young Dutch speakers, always ready to help you in and out of class hours
  • The Dutch Course Eindhoven is located in the center of Eindhoven, surrounded by many bus stations
  • We have our own Dutch book for our Dutch classes
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How Are the Dutch Classes at the Dutch Course Eindhoven?

Our philosophy is that the more fun you have, the easier it is to learn. Therefore, our exceptional and unique teaching method pretends to teach you through interesting and fun activities, while giving you the confidence to speak the Dutch language.

If you don’t have any Dutch language knowledge, you will start at the A1 level. It is taught in English for a better initial comprehension, once you pass it, all the classes will be taught in Dutch.

It sounds challenging, but don’t worry about it, our teachers are more than willing to help you with any difficulty and can be flexible with some classes. Just remember, that the faster you get used to the sound of the Dutch language, the faster you will learn it.

Our teaching method started in 2013, we are constantly learning from our students, so it has changed a little over the years only to adapt it to your needs. We use our “Simple Dutch” book, also written and distributed by our school only.

Our classes focus on grammar, writing and speaking skills. We will also send you homework, but what truly differentiates us from others is that we don’t want you to have a grade and nothing else, that’s why homework and exam results are discussed in class, so everyone can learn from each other’s mistakes and avoid them in the future.

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Dutch Levels at Dutch Course Eindhoven

We understand that not everyone can go to our school to learn, so we have prepared Dutch Skype lessons, and for those who don’t feel comfortable in a classroom with other students, we also have Dutch private lessons in Eindhoven.

Learning with others is actually an excellent experience, you not only get to make new friends and possible work partners, but your learning experience improves because you learn from different cultures and from others’ mistakes.

Despite this advantage, we can arrange Dutch private lessons in Eindhoven for any of our levels if it is what you prefer.

Our A1 level is divided into three steps, including written and spoken tests at the end of each step. Our goal is for you to apprehend the language, so we review the mistakes in class and help you to fix them on time before your Civic Integration Exam.

The A2 level is dived in two steps, including exercises that prepare you for the Civic Integration Exam questions, we even help you to prepare yourself for job interviews in Dutch.

Then we have levels B1 and B2, focused on developing your confidence in speaking Dutch. By this level you will be able to read simple Dutch, have short conversations, be able to introduce yourself, talk about your job or career and more.

Ready to enroll? Then Welcome to the Dutch Course Eindhoven, where the gates of success in The Netherlands open for you.

Dutch Course Eindhoven Lepenlaan 40, 5616 NS Eindhoven Tel 040 369 0117

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