Dutch beginners course in Eindhoven
How do you order your coffee in Dutch? What is life like in a typical Dutch city? The Dutch Course for Beginners will help you in your first steps learning Dutch and give you a head start getting around in the Netherlands.

Enrol for this eleven week study course with many active exercises, speaking and writing assignments and interactive videos explaining basic constructions of the language! It will take you 10 -15 hours to go through the course material each week. A basic knowledge of the English language is required for this course.

Developed by teachers at the Dutch Academy Eindhoven (DAE), the course is based on the principles of the Simple Dutch Method, a language learning method that has proven effective over many years. Learn the most frequent words, everyday phrases, and the basics of Dutch grammar and pronunciation. Gain the confidence to speak Dutch in real life!

What will you learn?
This A1 course is specifically created for absolute beginners without any knowledge of the Dutch language. It covers all the fundamentals of the language, including basic vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. During the course, you will learn to communicate in Dutch in everyday situations. Throughout the course, priority is given to understanding and producing basic spoken Dutch for survival. In this intensive Dutch course, students deal with the entire elementary grammar of Dutch and build up a vocabulary of about 1.000 words within 11 weeks.

What will you do in the class?
This intensive course is designed to provide a strong foundation in Dutch language proficiency in the short time. Through a combination of interactive lessons, exercises, and group activities, learners will engage in a variety of hands-on experiences to enhance their speaking, reading, and writing skills. The course activities are founded upon various tasks. These tasks are functional, and are directly linked to a concrete situation, such as ‘having conversations with people on the street’ or ‘a basic job interview’. By using multimedia, the teacher provides learners with opportunities to develop the four language skills; listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Feedback from Teachers
Our highly qualified teachers are providing personalized feedback to each student during our classes. The feedback you receive throughout the course will help you track your progress and tailor your learning accordingly, ensuring continuous growth.

State Exam Preparation 
For those interested in pursuing further education or career opportunities in the Netherlands or , our Dutch course includes preparation for the state exam. This exam is a prerequisite for many Dutch universities and professional settings. Our instructors will familiarize you with the exam format, administer practice tests, and provide targeted guidance to ensure you are well-prepared to tackle this important milestone.

In order to pass the State Examination NT2 Programme I, you must be able to read, listen, write and speak at the B1 level. For the State Examination NT2 Programme II, you must master these skills at the B2 level. You have to start with a beginners course A1 level, achieve A2, B1 levels and practise with example exams in our Dutch Course B1 Level State Exam NT2 Program I.

Civic Integration Exam
Most expats from outside the EU have to pass the Inburgeringsexamen (Civic Integration Exam) in order to get a Dutch resident permit or to apply for Dutch citizenship. To become a naturalised Dutch citizen you must usually first pass a civic integration exam. You have to start with a beginners course A1 level, achieve A2, B1 levels and practise with example exams in our Dutch Course B1 Level Civic Integration exam (State Exam NT2-I).

Practising Speaking with Native Speakers
Achieving language fluency is most effective when practising and interacting with native speakers. To facilitate this, our Dutch course creates multiple opportunities for students to interact and converse with individuals native to the Dutch language. With the help of conversation-based activities, language partners, and immersive experiences, students can confidently enhance their speaking skills while achieving an authentic accent. This direct exposure to native speakers significantly boosts students’ understanding and fluency.

Intensive Beginners Dutch Course Eindhoven A1 level (9 Sept’24 | iGr 7)

Dutch Academy Eindhoven offers intensive Dutch language courses to highly educated foreigners who are non-native speakers. This intensive Dutch course is intended for absolute beginners. This Dutch Course is a comprehensive program designed for individuals who are new to the Dutch language and prefer a classroom learning environment. What will you learn? The A1 level […] Learn more …